IMTour: Opportunities for musicians
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IMTour: Opportunities for musicians

WESTAF’s Independent Music on Tour (IMTour) program was created by musicians for musicians and offers underappreciated artists support in the areas of professional development, exposure to new audiences, opportunities to play shows at new venues, and, most importantly, money! It also offers fresh opportunities for nonprofit presenters to book performers.

With the ability to cycle grant money and artists application fees through the web application, IMTour offers a multitude of financial incentives for both musicians and presenters that have not previously been available.

Montana musicians on the roster include The Hawthorne Roots and John Roberts y Pan Blanco.

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For Artists           

Set up and store a robust and eye-catching electronic press kit (EPK) that allows independent musicians to be adjudicated onto the IMTour roster. Once accepted, musicians may apply for show opportunities in the West. Many of these opportunities are linked to, and qualify for, subsidies.


For Presenters

Nonprofit presenters ((501(c)3) or the equivalent) in the West can set up a profile, send out calls for bands, and then apply for funding to offset the artistic fees. Presenting IMTour roster artists is a way to bridge the gap between the for-profit and nonprofit worlds, as well as engage with new and developing audiences.


(Photo): Billings musician John Roberts is on the IMTour roster




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