About Books: Summer 2019
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About Books: Summer 2019


The Bozeman Coloring Book        

By Megan Coburn and Grace Johnson

Two women, each with deep affection for Bozeman, teamed up on this coloring book for children and adults.

Designer Megan Coburn is a Bozeman native and Google local guide who wanted to share a piece of her hometown. She reached out to Grace Johnson of Artfully Educated who spent most of her 20s in Bozeman to create a coloring book that depicts their favorite parts of town. Johnson supplied illustrations while Coburn seasoned the pages with quotes from Google reviews and historical tidbits.

Landmarks range from popular local businesses and hangouts, like the Pickle Barrel, Cactus Records, Bangtail Bikes and the Western Café, to historic landmarks, including the Ellen and Rialto theaters, the fire department, courthouse, Holy Rosary Church and Willson School. A to-do list includes Music on Main, the Sweet Pea Festival, skiing at Bridger Bowl, hiking nearby mountains, and fly-fishing the area’s many rivers.

Coburn hopes the book “helps you remember some of the magic of Bozeman and encourages you to bring your own color to our wonderful city.” Order the book online at www.thebozemancoloringbook.com.


Steve’s Story: The Life of a Polish Orphan

By Jackie Van Dyke        

A young woman and a young man left their villages in Poland in 1907 and joined the throng of immigrants pouring into the United States at that time. They met in Philadelphia and married soon after. Within 15 years, hard times and a houseful of seven children led to bootlegging and arrests, and finally a family breakdown, with the children placed in an orphanage.

This is the story of how one of those children, Steve
Chapla, ran away from foster care and eventually reconnected with his family.

After serving in the army in World War II, he was finally free to marry his sweetheart and lead a more adventurous life, which included raising five children. At 80, he made a trip to Poland to discover his Polish family and ancestral roots.

Author Jackie Van Dyke is his oldest child and lives in northwestern Montana. Visit her at www.jackievandyke.com.


The Mystical Magical Miracle

By Rosanne and Pennell Spencer

Montana artist Pennell Spencer and his first wife, the late poet Rose Liberte, pair poetry and art in this collection that explores “the tangible and intangible intelligences of our existing creation.”

Spencer’s impressionistic, sometimes surreal portraits and landscapes accompany poetry by both, with a metaphysical bent. According to a press release, Pennell found inspiration in the works of Gustave Dorée; at the same time Rose Liberte was writing angelic-in spired poems. The two blended their efforts in this hardcover book, which may be ordered online from Amazon.

Spencer currently lives off Brackett Creek in Montana where his paintings are inspired by the natural world.




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